Pizza Boy is a pizza delivery man doll who delivers pizzas and comes right by. He also appears in every episode of Higglytown Heroes, and whenever he first appears in the episodes of Higglytown Heroes, the higgly kids says yells and shouts "PIZZA GUY!". Pizza boy is the real higglytown hero. He took down the weegee. He threw a higglytown weegee pizza. He has major roles in Wayne's Ripping Adventure and Frozen Fish Follies but has minor roles in the rest of the episodes. He faught with Weegee and he used his Weegee flamethrower but Pizza Boy was killed exactly in the episodes and the kids always scream "Pizza Guy!" 8375984357498057234985476983475984365745986574398575469847598764723561287468756.5 times. pizza boy is the one true god and savior of Higglytown. Pizza Boy is a pizza delivery nesting doll who delivers pizzas and comes all the way to Higglytown. The higgly kids always screams and yells "Pizza Guy!" in the episodes